City has invested $108 million over past five years to fight traffic, maintain streets

The City of Round Rock has invested $108 million over the past five years to address the community’s No. 1 problem — traffic.

The City tracks the major projects it is working on here, where you’ll find information on  current projects, ongoing programs, projects Round Rock works on with our regional partners, and recently completed projects.

Among the highlights over the past five years are:

  • Completion of 11 dedicated turn lanes
  • Completed major repair and reconstruction of neighborhood and arterial roads
  • Built new arterial roads like Kenney Fort Boulevard and improved old ones like Chisholm Trail
  • Added 7 new traffic signals
  • And improved signal timing and cranked up an intelligent traffic management system

Key funding for major projects comes from the additional half-cent sales tax voters approved in 1997. So keep Shopping the Rock, so that next blouse you buy will help pave the way for more transportation improvements!

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