Shopping the Rock just got a little wild

When the doors of the Bass Pro Shops Round Rock Outdoor World swung open on June 10, visitors were amazed at how artisans captured the beauty and outdoor opportunities found in the Texas Hill Country.

Like all Bass Pro Shops, the Round Rock Outdoor World features a customized design that salutes the natural beauty of the region and rich traditions of fishing, boating, camping, hunting and hiking. Plus, it’s stocked with gear that’s specific to the area. This must-see destination store is the company’s seventh in the Lone Star State and will feature 120,000 square feet of outdoor gear, apparel, footwear and more.

The lobby is designed to resemble a Texas trophy room with museum-quality wildlife mounts of species from all over the country. It will include white-tailed deer, elk, and record game fish mounts.
The 12,000-gallon freshwater aquarium features a multiple-level waterfall and is surrounded by various wildlife mounts and exhibits including bighorn rams, elk, black bear and a mountain lion.

Each department in the store features an outdoor theme created by murals and dioramas including:

  • A mural in the fishing department represents Texas state parks and lakes including Pedernales Falls, Lake Austin, and Austin’s 360 bridge (Pennybacker Bridge)
  • Since the area is a major part of the North American flyway for migratory birds, a variety of waterfowl, wading birds, and birds of prey will be featured in murals and 3D exhibits
  • The archery department will have a rustic feel with a display of North American game shoulder mounts, including replicas of the King of Bucks.
  • A mural in the hunting department portrays a Central Texas sunset with native animals such as white-tailed deer, turkeys and wild hogs.

Vintage photos and gear complete the scenes and highlight the area’s original sportsmen and women. Plus, Bass Pro Shops dedication to detail is evident wherever visitors look as artisans work to create a visual style unique to that store, including handcrafted ornate metal fire screen doors, iron railings, sconces and more.

Wildlife exhibits showcase Texas species

The 12,000-gallon freshwater aquarium is a focal point of the store and will be stocked with approximately 100 fish native to the area such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass, black/white crappie, bowfin, alligator gar, spotted gar, redfish, bigmouth buffalo, channel catfish, and miscellaneous sunfish.

The store’s clerestory, or area near the high, overhead windows, depicts an authentic Texas scene complete with a pair of Texas Longhorn steers, turkeys, wild hogs, and white-tailed deer.

In addition, the Round Rock Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World features the popular Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill. This one-of-a-kind concept, developed by Johnny Morris and named after his uncle, is a nautical-themed attraction located within the store. It features an atmosphere and design geared for family fun and dining. Sixteen lanes will offer customers the chance to feel like they’re bowling in the ocean. Casual family dining will be available in the grill where customers can select from a menu featuring a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, salads and burgers.



Want better roads? How about better parks? All you have to do is Shop the Rock. Seriously, head over to the outlets and buy those shoes, or venture downtown for lunch. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping, dining or getting a haircut your dollars are helping to pay it forward and build our community. What makes this possible? Sales tax. Though it may be the least sexy tax, it is the hardest working one. So next time you see a shirt you love, buy it. Your city will thank you.