improving the city one purchase at a time

good things come to those who shop

Want better roads? How about better parks? All you have to do is Shop the Rock. Seriously, head over to the outlets and buy those shoes, or venture downtown for lunch. It doesn't matter if you are shopping, dining or getting a haircut your dollars are helping to pay it forward and build our community. What makes this possible? Sales tax. Though it may be the least sexy tax, it is the hardest working one. So next time you see a shirt you love, buy it. Your city will thank you.

do you
know what
a half-cent
can do?

  • Make some serious transportation improvements, $430 million worth to be exact.
  • Save your money on property taxes, 19 cents and counting!
  • Better your quality of life and lower your cost of living.

partners that rock

Thanks to our partners we are able to ensure that when you shop, we all grow!