Boutique drive-in movie theater coming to Round Rock

Nostalgic good times, here we come! Blue Starlite Drive-in has officially announced plans to bring a boutique drive-in movie theater to Round Rock.

The theater will be located inside Old Settlers Park (800 Harrell Parkway) at an overflow parking area for the Rock’N River Waterpark accommodating up to 50 cars.

“It is a beautiful large piece of land surrounded by trees and big open skies that looks down to a valley below. Our new Round Rock location will allow for larger event nights and be a step closer to the bigger old vintage drive-in vibes of old but with our signature ‘urban drive-in’ twist. I think folks in the area are going to love it,” said Starlite Drive-in founder Josh Frank.

Hungry patrons will also be able to take advantage of the drive-in’s close proximity to Salt Lick BBQ, who has partnered with Starlite to allow drive-in patrons the ability to pre-order bbq meals from their Round Rock location with advanced ticket purchases.

According to the Starlite Drive-in website, the first showing is scheduled for Feb. 28, 2020 celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Goonies with a special pre-show featuring a “making of” documentary, extras, and more in addition to the feature film.

Showings currently scheduled:

Other showings currently planned but without scheduled dates, include Dazed and Confused, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Breakfast Club, and Back to the Future.

Tickets prices will range from $8 to walk in and $25 to drive-in, and can be purchased online at:



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