Buddy’s Burger heads to Round Rock with new location

We’re pretty cheeseygoing, but when it comes to burgers, we crave the best. That’s exactly what we’re getting with the fresh-off-the-griddle news that Buddy’s Burger is opening a new location here in Round Rock.

Owners of the restaurant have confirmed that they plan to open a second location at 1551 E. Old Settlers Boulevard by late 2022.

The original Buddy’s is located at 9001 Cameron Road. Famous locally for their seasoned smashburgers, the delicious destination has earned bragging rights on several “best burger” lists throughout the years.

Here’s what Austin American-Statesman restaurant critic and reporter Matthew Odam had to say about the spot in last fall’s Austin 360 Dining Guide:

Buddy’s blends the new school with the old. That means hormone-free and never-frozen beef flattened into small, 3-ounce patties, capped with a suspended lava flow of American cheese and scattered with the shrapnel of shredded lettuce. Unlike some newer, fancier burger options, the price remains affordable and the set-up is classic — no heirloom tomatoes, hydroponic butter lettuce or fancy cheese that requires a Google search. 

The ragged, crunchy-edged patties cling to each other as if to keep from spilling out of a slightly sweet bun smeared with a tangy spread called Buddy’s Smack Sauce (also a recipe from 1999). The meat is generously salted, enhancing the beef’s flavor, and pressed as thin as a pancake. Each bite packs all of the savory, juicy, tangy and crunchy wallop you hope for from a cheeseburger. 

Learn more about the restaurant and view their full menu online at https://buddysburger.com/



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