Community Impact Newspaper profiles Round Rock Honey


Konrad Bouffard, owner of this sweet success story, started the company on July 4, 2003 from his backyard garden. Today, Round Rock Honey is a leading supplier of heirloom-quality honey in Central Texas, and the nation’s largest and most celebrated beekeeping school, with over 880,000 participants since first opening.

Our of our favorite things about Round Rock Honey, other than the deliciousness they produce (of course!), is that they offer “Honey House Tours” on Saturdays right here in Round Rock. The tours highlight the history of Round Rock Honey in addition to discussing their unique hives and harvesting methods. You’ll see their tanking process along with the new bottling and labeling line. Each tour concludes with a honey tasting, the opportunity for kids to take photos wearing beekeeper gear, and the opportunity to pick-up honey, lip balm, beeswax candles and much more.

View the tour calendar and book online here:

And with the holidays in full swing, they’ve got plenty of sweet, local gifts for the honey-lover in your life! Plus, when you Shop the Rock, you’re helping to improve our community!

Hungry for more? The article below was published in Community Impact Newspaper and provides deeper insights. It can be viewed in its original format here.

After college, Konrad Bouffard said he struggled to find his way, albeit briefly.

From operating a couple businesses to becoming a teacher and then going back to running successful businesses, it was time spent working in his Round Rock garden that led to his career.

“I had a couple beehives, and I took some honey to the Austin farmer’s market,” he said. “It sold fast. And there it was.”

A few hives have turned into about 3,000. His garden experiment is now Round Rock Honey, and the business employs more than 20 people.

It’s a business Bouffard built from the ground up in 2003, reinvesting profits to grow.

In a warehouse and production facility just west of I-35 and north of Hwy. 79, Round Rock Honey draws from hives mostly between Austin and Dallas, with some near Houston.

Bouffard said he stands behind the quality of the honey and all of the associated products. Each can be traced to the hive from which it came. And Bouffard’s name and phone number are on the back of the bottles of honey.

“We’re proud of our quality and proud to be in Round Rock,” said Bouffard, who with his wife, Elizabeth, has three daughters attending school in Round Rock ISD. “We want to contribute to the community. I believe in that.”

One way the business gives back is with its beekeeping school, which is offered in Round Rock; Houston; Dallas; Redwood City, California; and San Francisco. Bouffard has also invested in his employees, as he is one of nine certified master beekeepers on his staff.

“Usually a company will have one,” Bouffard said. “We have nine.”

Free tours are set up through the company website, Its products are available at several grocery chains, including H-E-B, Kroger and Trader Joe’s. Honey and other products are available at company headquarters, 1308 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock.

The future buzz

Among the future goals for Round Rock Honey, owner Konrad Bouffard said he is developing a variety of infused flavors of honey.

Included is an orange-cinnamon flavor.

“It’s what our customers said they would like to see, and so we are going to do it,” Bouffard said. “We are also expanding the use of our honey as a flavor additive in consumer products—iced teas, whiskey, beer. We’re also expanding our cosmetic lines with our honey and beeswax.”



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