Culver’s opens new Round Rock location today

You ­didn’t have to be born in the Midwest to experience the epiphany that is fried cheese curds from Culver’s. This popular fast food restaurant from Saulk City, Wisconson is bringing the gospel of fast food from the heartland to Round Rock.

Set to open on May 13 at 2320 East Palm Valley Boulevard, the chain has grown from a single family owned restaurant in small-town, rural Wisconsin to a fan favorite far and wide.

Here are a few items from this cult favorite that can’t be missed:

ButterBurger. The chain’s famous ButterBurger is based on a recipe from the founding matriarch of the Culver’s family, Ruth. They key is the chain’s signature buns that are buttered and toasted to perfection.

Custard flavors galore. The dairy used in Culver’s fresh frozen custard is sourced from family farms in — you guessed it — Wisconsin. The restaurant makes dozens of rich flavors in small slow-churned batches throughout the day. They even feature a new frozen custard each day, sometimes coming up with creative flavors like “‘Brownie Batter Overload” and “Mint Explosion.”

Cheese curds. French fries, waffles fries, and tater tots are all inferior to these cheese-filled morsels, featuring gooey goodness from a family farm in small-town Wisconsin. The restaurant also features Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce as a dipping sauce.

Pork tenderloin sandwich. If your Midwest flair is more of the Iowa variety, you have to try this sandwich featuring premium center-cut pork loin, which is hand breaded with seasoned cracker crumbs and fried to golden goodness.



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