Gear up for a perfect day of fishing in Round Rock

Round Rock is home to several freshwater fishing spots, and great stores to help you prepare for a successful retreat. Pack a cooler and fishing gear and head to the water for a perfect day of fishing!  

Young fishermen by Meadow lake. Photo by: @spqrmiguel

Round Rock is home to fishing favorites Meadow LakeBright Lake, and Brushy Creek.

Meadow Lake is a 59-acre lake located by Meadow Lake Park, 2901 Settlement Drive. Largemouth bass and bluegill populations swim through this lake, and it is routinely stocked with channel catfish by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Boats without onboard motors are permitted on Meadow Lake, and there are beautiful shoreline trails to walk along.

Another popular fishing spot is Bright Lake, located in Old Settlers Park, 3300 Palm Valley Blvd. Bright Lake has excellent bank access and is a fantastic spot to catch catfish, largemouth bass, and rainbow trout. Old Settlers Park includes shore access to Bright Lake and a fishing pier for guests to use.

Finally, we have Brushy Creek that runs through the heart of our city. Brushy Creek is home to sunfish, rainbow trout, and even the rare Guadalupe bass. It’s the ideal spot for fly fishing and fishing by the banks.

Fisherman in the middle of Brushy Creek. Photo by: @livingwatersflyfishing

If you need to stock up on gear for your fishing trip, stop by the Bass Pro Shops for items like tackle boxes, lures, fishing rods and even boats. Be forewarned: you might end up spending the entire day there checking out the aquarium, restaurant and archery range! Check out our spotlight on this local sporting goods powerhouse:

If you want to fly fish on Brushy Creek, head to Downtown Round Rock to visit the Living Waters Fly Fishing fly shop, which offers fly fishing gear and apparel. You can even book a fishing guide with Living Waters Fly Fishing. 

Know before you go: 

A current Texas fishing license is required to fish all Round Rock area lakes. For more information, visit



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