Nolan Ryan opens butcher shop and mercantile in Round Rock

Home runs aren’t just for baseball here in Round Rock anymore now that our pal Nolan Ryan has officially opened Goodstock, a local butcher shop and mercantile.

The shop is located at 3800 East Palm Valley Boulevard just a few blocks to the east of the Dell Diamond, home to our Round Rock Express, a team the Ryan family has deep roots with since its establishment as a member of Minor League Baseball’s Double-A Texas League back in 2000.

According to Goodstock’s website, with more than 47 years of experience cattle ranching, Ryan opened the boutique butcher shop in Round Rock with a desire to create a space “where locals feel warm and welcome, out-of-town visitors feel inspired.”

Patrons can expect to find high-quality craft beef, including brisket, steaks, ground chuck, burgers and more, cut to order by an in-house butcher with in-house selections offered daily.

The shop also features a variety of other provisions that honor Texas culture and tradition, and provide folks pretty much everything they need (think grilling and cooking accessories, spices, sauces, sweets, etc.) to make their next backyard barbecue the type of experience hometown memories are made of.

For more details on the shop, visit their website at



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