Round Rock baker rises to the occasion on Food Network’s “Halloween Cookie Challenge”

Will this Round Rock baker be rolling in dough? We hope so! Chelsea Fullmer is set to bring her exceptional cookie-making skills to your TV screen. Chelsea, a mother, entrepreneur, and passionate baker has earned her spot as a contestant on the highly anticipated Food Network TV show, “The Halloween Cookie Competition.”

Chelsea’s journey to the Food Network’s spooky baking arena is a tale of determination and a deep love for her craft. She started decorating and cooking primarily for her youngest daughter’s first birthday, which later led her to establish her own baking business, “Pink Lemon Cookies.”

Auditioning multiple times for “The Halloween Cookie Competition,” one day, the Food Network called Chelsea with thrilling news. She was asked to pack her things and prepare to film the show.

As Chelsea and her fellow bakers don their aprons and compete for the title, a doughy prize is on the line: $10,000. The stakes are high, but Chelsea’s motivation is even higher. If she emerges victorious, she plans to dedicate the prize money to a cause close to her heart – her son, who battles Type 1 diabetes. Beyond the competition, Chelsea is proud to represent Central Texas nationally, win or lose.

Tune in to support this talented baker from Round Rock as she competes for the grand prize and a chance to make a difference in her son’s life. Chelsea Fullmer’s “The Halloween Cookie Competition” episode airs on October 23 at 9 p.m.



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