Server at Round Rock Chuy’s learns to sign Happy Birthday – and we’re all crying

Oh. My. Goodness, y’all. We came across this amazingly heartwarming story and just had to share it with you.

According to a public Facebook post, a family out for their daughter’s birthday dinner here in Round Rock at local Tex-Mex restaurant chain, Chuy’s, got an absolutely extraordinary surprise from their server Josh.

After picking up on the fact that it was the young girl’s birthday, the server offered to have the staff sing to her. Diane, the girl’s mother appreciated the gesture, and thanked him, then noted that her daughter was deaf but would “love the fuss.”

That’s when this all gets really special, folks… like faith-in-humanity-restoring-special.

Josh, the server went into the back of the restaurant and looked up how to sign “Happy Birthday,” then came out with a group full of waitstaff to give the girl a serenade she and her family won’t soon forget.

In a world where our social and news feeds are far too often filled with negativity, this story reminds us just how lucky we are to call this place home.

Thank you Josh, and thank you to everyone who makes Round Rock the truly special place it is.

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