Via 313 Pizza announces plans to expand to Round Rock

Take it. Take another little pizza our heart now! According to Austin360, notable pizza purveyor, Via 313, has plans to expand into Round Rock.

While no opening date is set and formalized plans have yet to be submitted to the City, we’re excited at the prospect of having another delicious spot to grab a local bite.

According to the Austin-American Statesman article, the restaurant is planning a substantial expansion beyond Austin, with Round Rock being one of the first to see a new location.

“The first new locations will be local, with Brandon Hunt telling the American-Statesman that the restaurant plans to open locations in Cedar Park and Round Rock within the next year. After that, the brothers and their new strategic partners plan to take Via 313′s beloved Detroit-style pizza to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, with plans to eventually expand operations into Utah, Oklahoma and Colorado.”

For a full menu at current locations, check out:



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