Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar celebrates grand opening in Round Rock

It’s time to have cake and eat it too!

What You Can Expect

Walking to the Whiskey Cake Kitchen & bar entrance, you’ll notice the farmhouse theme around the building. From the outdoor patio with comfy seating to the fresh produce growing in the plant beds. The decor feels like a luxurious cabin with a modern twist. You’ll find rustic works of art on each wall, and if you look up, you might see ceiling decor that looks like egg cartons!

Menu Items to Try

While every item on the Whiskey Cake menu is delicious, there are a few dishes you have to try. If you’re in the mood for something savory and sweet, the Chicken & Waffle is the way to go! A lighter option is the Smoked Chopped Chicken, a salad made with the freshest ingredients. Are you going for full-on savory? The Shrimp & Grits is packed with flavor in a balanced serving size to leave room for dessert. Trust us; you’ll want to save space for the Whiskey Cake and add a scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream to step it up a notch.

Something for Everyone

Don’t have a babysitter for the night? Bring the little ones with you! Whiskey Cake features a fantastic kid’s menu with Southern Fried Chicken Fingers, Silver Dollar Burgers, Hand Kraft-ed WC Mac n’ Cheese, and more. While scoping out the menu, remember that the asterisk indicates gluten-free items. For sandwiches, you may also request a gluten-free bun.

Drinks and Fresh Juices

For the adults, there are plenty of hand-crafted cocktails made for you to unwind. The Drink Menu features whiskey cocktails, unique elixirs, beer flights, bubbles, wine, and more. For non-alcoholic beverages, take a look at the Freshly Juiced drinks! The Jessica Wabbit and the Little Pink Drink are refreshing pick-me-ups.

Head to Whiskey Cake Bar & Kitchen (Round Rock) for the complete menu and location details.



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