Yelp ranks Round Rock Donuts best donut shop in America

We all know that everything is bigger (and better) in Texas, but Round Rock Donuts has taken this rule to the next level! In Yelp’s recent article featuring the top 100 US Donut Shops of 2022, Round Rock Donuts finds itself atop the list!

Round Rock Donuts, well known to anyone in the Round Rock and North Austin area, continues to attract national recognition from notable sources including BuzzFeed, Austin American-Statesman, and Yelp.  

So why is Round Rock Donuts ranked No. 1 out of hundreds of other donut shops? There are surely a-glaze-ion reasons, but according to Yelp it’s the “iconic orange-tinted” beauty and the Texas-sized donut. A “behemoth” of a donut, these tasty treats are shareable among friends and family and are available in glazed, chocolate, or half-and-half. One Yelper even said that their donuts could feed a whole army!  

Ranking hype aside, the success of Round Rock Donuts is no coincidence. Their special recipe was created back in 1926 and ever since, these special sprinkled sweets have been made with yeast-risen dough infused with fresh eggs that are rolled, cut, fried, and iced manually. This local gem learned early on that the best donuts are not made by a machine, but with love by hand.

Hungry for more? Donut miss Yelp’s full list of the best of the best:



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