Cheers! Best Places to Drink in Round Rock

Hyperlocal news site last week listed 5 of the Best Places to Drink in Round Rock.

Here’s the list, along with our take:

  1. The Brass Tap, 204 E. Main St. — The Tap quickly became one of the most popular watering holes in town when it opened last year. If you love (or even like) craft beer, what’s not to love about this place? Beautifully restored historic building, fantastic deck and local ownership are a winning combination.
  2. 121 on Main, 121 E. Main St. — Maybe the best date night bar in Round Rock. Intimate setting inside, cozy back porch outside. Long and lean, 121 is great place to start, or end, a night on the town.
  3. Wine Sensation, 409 N. Mays St. — A family run wine bar, casual, with an Italian flair (and lots of great Italian wines). You can play bocce ball next to the new 1,000 square foot pet-friendly patio. Bellissimo!
  4. Copper Top Tavern, 15912 RM 620 — Technically, it’s outside the City limits but this isn’t our list. So we’re not gonna feel *too* bad about not knowing much about it, other than Yelpers have given it great ratings. Their Facebook page listed a birthday party for Sarah, who’s “Turning 42 and gonna party like it’s 1992!” Sounds like our kind of place!
  5. The Roadhouse, 1103 Wonder Drive — Hard by the railroad tracks off Sam Bass Road, The Roadhouse touts itself as the kind of place “James Dean and other KooL people would hangout at if they were living in Central Texas.” Live music and karaoke done in a Giant way.

The ratings are based on Yelp reviews.



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