Grandma delayed in airport security as result of love for Round Rock Donuts

Sometimes you need a sweet story to help you through the day. And today, we’ve got you covered.

This morning started off like any other in Round Rock. We, like many others, were scrolling through Twitter while enjoying our morning coffee and glazed slice of orangish-yellow donut perfection, when something pretty darn sweet caught our eye.

Apparently, a local grandma was caught up in airport security with her box of Round Rock Donuts in tow:


No surprise really, considering how delicious those little things are. After all, who wouldn’t want to smuggle a few through the airport for a mid-flight nom sesh?

As it later turned out, this most awesome of grandmas made it safely through security with the precious cargo still in tow:


Maybe it’s just the residual sugar high from the morning donuts that graced our own office break room, but this little story’s got us feeling pretty darn good.

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