Nutty Brown Cafe move to Round Rock set for 2018

Ever since the initial announcement that Nutty Brown Cafe planned to relocate its iconic music venue to Round Rock, we’ve been singing and dancing in anticipation! And while the timing might’ve changed just a tad – originally slated to open in 2016 and now projected for 2018 – we still couldn’t be more excited to bring this toe-tappin’, boot-scootin’ destination to all the folks who call our great community home.

Got a hankering for more details? You’re in luck! A recent Community Impact article two-stepped its way into getting a full run-down on what you can expect at the future location:

“Some of the features of the new Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheatre will include a gradual slope that will optimize the view of the expanded stage in addition to a greater number of seating options, such as air-conditioned VIP boxes that live stream stage performances.

The new venue location at McNeil Park at 3701 N. I-35 in Round Rock, will hold up to 6,000 spectators, opening Nutty Brown Cafe up to a greater variety of touring acts, according to Farr, in an area that he said is underserved when it comes to live music. But despite the increase in size, Farr hopes that the intimate feel of the original Nutty Brown will carry over to the new site.”

And if that’s not enough to get you perfecting your dance moves in preparation for the big grand opening, this little diddy of a quote from Mike Farr, owner of The Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheatre, is sure to give you a warm, welcome to Round Rock type feeling in that chest of yours:

“We are extremely community oriented, and we will be that in Round Rock. We will dive in head first into the community of Round Rock and do everything we can to support it.”

Read the full Community Impact article here:



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