Rebecca’s Perfect Day in Round Rock

The Perfect Day Challenge came to an end in early August, but not before a bundle of super-awesome residents gave us a glimpse into what they love most about our community! Rebecca, our winner, and her crew of super cute munchkins, were even nice enough to write up a quick list of what their prefect day in Round Rock would look like.

And guys, it’s pretty darn perfect:

  1. If this is the perfect day, it starts early so you can enjoy as much as possible! And where is the best place to start your day in Round Rock? Round Rock Donuts, of course! You haven’t had perfection until you’ve had a Round Rock donut, or better yet, their enormous Texas-sized donut if you want to share!
  2. After breakfast, travel over to Play for All Abilities Park! It is what my kids call, “The Best Park Ever!” From sandboxes, to the musical station, to the jungle gym, your kids will have the time of their life (and burn off those donuts! ;)). Oh, and don’t forget to bring your scooters and bikes along so you can “drive” the neighborhood store section of the park!
  3. Head to the library in Downtown Round Rock and catch a story time to wind down for a bit. Pick out a few new, fun books to read at home as well!
  4. Change into your swim suits and play in the Prete Plaza splash pad!
  5. Aren’t you lucky that today is Wednesday and kids eat free at Svante’s! Grab yourself a delicious stuffed burger and enjoy!
  6. After a busy morning and a full stomach, you will want to sit and rest a bit! Time to paint pottery at the Ceramic Lodge! Pick out the cutest mug for your morning coffee or that perfect plate to make grandma for her birthday, and sit in the cool air conditioning while you channel your inner artist!
  7. You are just down the road from it, so you gotta go see it…. the Round Rock! And with your swimming suits from this morning, you can wade into the water of Brushy Creek to conquer it! Look for the wagon ruts and do some geocaching if you like. Then make sure you check out the other side of Brushy Creek across Chisholm Trail behind the shopping center. There is a beautiful waterfall to see and just behind it is a great wading/swimming spot to cool off for a bit!
  8. Time for an afternoon snack! Check out 3 Star Candy Shop for a root beer float or some nostalgic candy. Their huge lollipops are always a big hit!
  9. After cleaning up back at home, take yourself out to the ball game for an evening with our Round Rock Express! Always fun for the whole family! Baseball, games, playground and food – what a great way to end the perfect day!

Still yearning for more? You can check out all the pictures that were submitted for the challenge on Instagram

perfect day collage





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