Round Rock Donuts listed as one of the top 10 best shops in Texas

Our beloved Round Rock Donuts was recently listed as the No. 9 best donut shop in Texas by Wide Open Country. While we’re pretty sure they’re the best anywhere, we’ll still take the ranking as a compliment worthy of a Texas-sized (donut) celebration!

Here’s what they had to say about our little slice of hometown sweet tooth heaven:

“Featured on the Food Network show “Man vs. Food”, Round Rock Donuts are famous in the Austin area for their soft donuts with delicate orange glaze. If you’re really hungry, they do sell a five-pound donut that is the equivalent of a dozen donuts in one!”

Who else made the list?

10. Christy’s Donuts – Houston

9. Round Rock Donuts – Round Rock

8. The Original Donut Shop – San Antonio

7. River Oaks Donuts – Houston

6. Mojo Donuts – Dallas

5. Donut 911 – Kyle

4. Hugs & Donuts – Houston

3. Jarams Donuts – Dallas

2. Gourdough’s – Austin

1. Hypnotic Donuts – Dallas

Hungry for more? You can nosh on the full article here:

Oh, and remember, next time you choose to Shop the Rock by grabbing one of those hot, fresh, chocolate covered, bigger than your gosh darn head donuts, you’re helping support our community! How? Sales tax. Though it may be the least sexy tax, it’s definitely the hardest working one.




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