Pinthouse Pizza announces plans to expand into Round Rock

Slice, slice baby! The locally famous Austin craft brewpub, Pinthouse Pizza, has announced plans to open their third location right here in Round Rock and we couldn’t be more excited!

After all, who doesn’t need a family-friendly brewpub that sells pizza and craft beer right around the corner from their humble abode? Answer? No one. Because really, anyone worth their weight in deliciously melty cheese and perfectly piping hot pizza dough would know that anytime is a good time for pizza and a frosty local beverage.

Extra bonus? These pizza purveyors are constructing the new location from the ground up which means they’ll have a blank slate and plenty of room to create a space with a signature style all its own.

The space itself won’t be the only thing different about the new restaurant though. This third rendition of the Pinthouse brand will come complete with a selection of “new and different beers” too.

A recent Austin 360 article has more details on this:

“For his part, Mohrfeld plans to approach the brewing program there in the same way he has the other two: offering new and different beers at it with Pinthouse’s indelible balanced style.

‘You’ll never find Man O’ War (Pinthouse Burnet’s flagship beer) at the south location, just like you won’t find Electric Jellyfish (Pinthouse Lamar’s flagship beer) at the north location,’ Jacob Passey, head brewer at the South Lamar brewpub, said. ‘We might make similar beers with some crossover recipes, but for the most part, if you always go south and you want to go north, we want you to be able to try new beers. Or vice versa.'”

And why Pinthouse chose Round Rock:

The town is appealing because it’s become an outpost of other Austin chains like Hopdoddy and the site of new restaurants from established Austin chefs like Jack Gilmore, who opened Salt Traders Coastal Cooking there last year to strong reviews.

“It just kind of made sense for us to move there, looking at the other restaurants around there and how they’re doing and the demographic,” Mohrfeld said. “With the population shift and everything, it seemed like a natural fit for us. And there’s still open land that we were able to grab.”

While there’s no official date for the opening, construction is expected to start this summer at the new spot, which is located along Hoppe Trail in the same vicinity as Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Cover 3 and Salt Trader’s Coastal Kitchen.


Tummy grumbling yet? Ours, too.

For more information about Pinthouse Pizza, check out their website, and remember, when you Shop the Rock (yes, eating pizza counts as shopping), you’re helping support our local community!



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