Round Rock Express to play game as “Hairy Men”

We’re not sure just how hairy the actual players are, but we do know for sure that the Round Rock Express will be decked out in gear that features a hairy departure from their current brand for “What Could Have Been Night” during the 2020 season.

Taking the field on July 18 against the Iowa Cubs will be “The Hairy Men,” one of the team names that was considered when minor league baseball came to Round Rock back in 2000.

If you’re not familiar with local folklore, Round Rock legend has it that the area is haunted by the spirit of a boy from the 1800’s who became separated from a caravan of settlers during a dark and stormy night while the group was trying to escape rising waters of a nearby creek. Eventually, the boy grew into a rather large, hairy hermit who would frequently chase away strangers and hide in trees to scare strangers. One day, he fell in front of a stagecoach and was unfortunately trampled to death, doomed to haunt the shady local road that bears his name to this day.

As part of the game day promotion, the Round Rock Express will be selling apparel that features a logo homage to the legend.

Fans can preorder both a fitted cap and t-shirt online now:

View the team’s entire promo schedule online here:



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