Taco Palenque opens new location in Round Rock

Fantastaco news, folks! Taco Palenque recently opened a new location right here in Round Rock.

The restaurant, currently operating drive-thru only, is located at 130 Louis Henna Boulevard and open 24 hours to satisfy taco cravings all day and night.

According to their website:

Juan Francisco Ochoa, known as Don Pancho to his friends and family, was in search of an opportunity to bring his love and passion of Mexican cuisine to the United States. This is how the Palenque chain was born. Originally from Sinaloa, Mexico, Don Pancho first founded El Pollo Loco, which was such a success. This led him to open another restaurant, Taco Palenque®, in 1987 in Laredo, Texas.

Taco Palenque operates multiple locations throughout the southern region of Texas, including several in San Antonio. The Round Rock restaurant is the first in the Central Texas area.

From tacos, to fajitas, enchilada plates, nachos and more, the menu features plenty of fresh Tex-Mex favorites.



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