Thrillist lists Round Rock as one of nation’s coolest suburbs

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Suburb smuburb. We knew we were hip way before a recent Thrillist article deemed us one of the “coolest suburbs” in America. But hey, we’ll give ’em at least a little credit for realizing what we’ve known all along – Round Rock‘s got it going on!

From our growing foodie scene to our hometown feel, nature trails, vibrant downtown, local live music, destination shopping and attractive family-friendly vibe, our community serves up just what doctor ordered.

So what’d they have to say about us? Take a look:

For burgeoning families and, as our former Austin editor put it, “defeated young professionals priced out of Austin proper,” Round Rock is your last hope to have a semblance of the food/drink scene of the city proper a short walk from your cheaper and larger home. But the cheaper land comes with some serious culinary perks, including the first brick-and-mortar locations of both crazy-popular taco truck Veracruz All Natural (opening April 22nd) and Svante’s Stuffed Burgers. Combine that with upscale chains like Hopdoddy, and more classic RR spots like Greenhouse Craft Food and Round Rock donuts, a minor league baseball stadium, and a Flix Brewhouse (“the only first-run movie theater in the world to incorporate a fully functioning microbrewery”), and suddenly having that commute doesn’t seem all that bad, huh?

The mention of so many of our favorite spots has us blushin’!

Hungry for more details? Grab that plaid button down, order up a mason-jar cocktail and head on over to the full article here:




Want better roads? How about better parks? All you have to do is Shop the Rock. Seriously, head over to the outlets and buy those shoes, or venture downtown for lunch. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping, dining or getting a haircut your dollars are helping to pay it forward and build our community. What makes this possible? Sales tax. Though it may be the least sexy tax, it is the hardest working one. So next time you see a shirt you love, buy it. Your city will thank you.