Holiday Shopping Faves: From crafting to cravings, six suggestions for Mom

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We’ve all got our favorite places to Shop the Rock. So to help everyone get in the holiday shopping spirit, we thought it would be fun to share some of our fave stores in Round Rock. And since we love to categorize — and there are so many people to shop for and so many different kinds of stuff to buy — we’re going to break this down to Moms, Dads, Kids, Pets and Outdoor Gear.

Here are our staff picks for favorite places to shop for mom in Round Rock. Remember: Those gifts you buy for mom help pay for all that cool programming she enjoys at the library!

sulak dog

Kristin — When I went off to college my mom got a Dachshund, Nicky, to replace me. To be a good sister, I buy Nicky fun outfits at Tomlinson’s so she can make mom smile.

I love spending time with my mom, so I’ll also buy her classes at Art By The Glass so we can have fun, create something beautiful and have a shared experience.

bath and body works exterior

Brian — My mom can be tough to buy for.  But, I know I can’t go wrong with some pampering supplies from Bath & Body Works.  She also loves getting herself some great new causal clothes with a gift certificate to the Eddie Bauer store at Round Rock Premium Outlets.

Fixin’s for a dirty Diet Coke.

Courtney — I love World Market for their unique gifts from homegoods to food. My personal favorite gift to give my mom is the Torani Coconut syrup sold there. Add the syrup and fresh lime to your Diet Coke – game changer!


Austin — If there was one word to describe my mom, it would definitely have to be CRAFTAHOLIC (OK, that might not be a real word, but hey, it’s still the truth!). My family has tried everything to get her to agree to attending Craftaholics Anonymous, but with no luck, we’ve given in and decided to feed her addiction rather than seek treatment! From holiday crafts to DIY insanity to knock-your-socks-off awesome fabric patterns, Joann Fabric and Craft Store here in good ‘ol Round Rock has just the right “stuff” to make her stocking overflow with pure, craft addiction enhancing joy.

gift flowers

Scot — My Mom loves plants and flowers! Getting colorful blooming plants from Lowes or Home Depot is fun way to pass time and then I get to plant them with her in our flower beds. Mom also likes to receive flowers for her birthday, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day … it doesn’t matter which day, she loves the colors and smells of the season.

will's mom painting
Sorry for the slightly out of focus pic, but it’s the only one I have of my mom creating art.

Will — Oh how I wish I could still shop for my mom, but she has passed. She was a voracious reader and gifted artist, so the latest novel from Lawrence Block or James Lee Burke from Barnes & Noble would have been a hit, or perhaps a set of pens or brushes from Hobby Lobby.


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