Holiday Shopping Faves: Make room for Daddy!

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We’ve all got our favorite places to Shop the Rock. So to help everyone get in the holiday shopping spirit, we thought it would be fun to share some of our fave stores in Round Rock. And since we love to categorize — and there are so many people to shop for and so many different kinds of stuff to buy — we’re going to break this down to Moms, Dads, Kids, Pets and Outdoor Gear.

Here are our staff picks for favorite places to shop for dad in Round Rock. Remember: Those fitness gifts you buy for dad help pay for all the trails he’ll be running on in Round Rock.


Kristin  My dad has just become a runner! I would go to Fleet Feet to pick out some fancy socks he wouldn’t spend the money on and grab him a few tech tees.

We always tease that family is much easier to be around when “Jack” and “Jim” are in the house. My favorite place to shop for dad is Spec’s where I can pick up his favorite Jim Beam Rye.

Griswolds in a frame

Courtney – Dads are so hard to buy for! My dad is no exception, so I typically err on the sentimental side and gift him framed pictures of our family for his office. I love Tuesday Morning’s selection of frames and they are very reasonably priced.

pirhana records

Austin – My dad’s no longer around, but one thing he had a passion for was music! He loved him some vinyl! From The Eagles to Eric Clapton, to the Beatles and maybe even a little Rod Stewart, once he put a record on there was no stopping party time. For this toe-tappin’ Santa-slapper, I’d head on over to Piranha Records. Their website claims they’re “Your mom’s favorite record store,” but from my experience, Dad would love it just as much!

chettripper donut

Scot – The best place to shop for Dad comes early with a stop at Round Rock Donuts, then noon with a stop off at any of the barbecue places in Round Rock (Rudy’s is his favorite, but he’s not too picky. The man loves his ‘cue!). For dinner, he loves to eat fish at Deckhand Oyster Bar.  At 80, any place with food is great he says!

will's dad golfing
I don’t recall my dad playing the yellow ball; but I’ve still got that persimmon 3-wood somewhere in the garage.

Will – My dad has passed, but if he were still here he’d still be playing golf. A super easy and much appreciated gift for any golfer is a dozen of their favorite balls, and I’d head to Academy for that purchase.

As a dad, I would love, love, love a gift card to the Nike outlet. Love the brand, love the prices there. That’s where I shop for my running and basketball gear.


Brian – I think the hidden gem in Round Rock for dads (all men for that matter) is Pipe World in La Frontera Village.  Their selection of unique gifts for guys goes far beyond tobacco products.  Washer sets, cool dominoes, pocket knives, pens … all kinds of stuff.  Last year I bought a nice single-edge razor and blades there and I’ve used it every day since.  Trust me, this is the secret hiding place for great gifts for the men in your life.


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