Holiday Shopping Faves: I can haz giwfts 2?

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We’ve all got our favorite places to Shop the Rock. So to help everyone get in the holiday shopping spirit, we thought it would be fun to share some of our fave stores in Round Rock. And since we love to categorize — and there are so many people to shop for and so many different kinds of stuff to buy — we’re going to break this down to Moms, Dads, Kids, Pets and Outdoor Gear.

Here are our staff picks for favorite places to shop for your pet in Round Rock. Remember: That rawhide chew purchase helps pay the bills at our dog park.


Courtney – Our basset hound puppy, Denby, destroys toys, beds, and dog bowls with abandon. He’s “spirited,” as they say.  So, we like to buy our dog accessories at Marshalls so we don’t feel guilty about the constant turnover.


Austin – Daisy and Charlie, our two (as my wife refers to them) fur babies, are s.p.o.i.l.e.d. In fact, sometimes I think they might just eat better and have more toys (yes, grown men are allowed to have toys!) than I do! Alas, when we’re looking to find them the perfect new squeak toy or a few doglicious treats to persuade them to go outside (they have a hard time believing the patio is better than the pillow), we head straight to Tomlinson’s off University Boulevard. Oh, and just an FYI, give your dog that gigantic, bigger than your arm chew bone for Christmas and you might just win pet owner of the year – at least in your dog’s little heart!


latte 2

Scot – Since Mom and Dad have moved in with us, we’ve become aware of how much their dog Latte loves treats!  The best treats in Latte’s doggy world come from HEB or Petco.



WillHEB has a great selection of toys that Shepard, our golden retriever, loves to chew on. Our cat, Claude, is much too cool for toys, natch. But I got great customer service at the PetSmart in University Oaks when I had to buy him a cage to recover in after I, uh, ran over him and broke his pelvis.


Brian – When we had our cat, Lynxy, she was always rather particular about her toys and her bed.  But, PetSmart always had the right item to satisfy her feline fancy.

marley dog

Kristin – Marley Dog is 10 years old, so he appreciates a comfy bed to cuddle down into. Sam’s Club has some great options at really reasonable prices.

We like to pack Marley Dog up and take him on road trips, he has been to 4 states and most of the wineries in the Hill Country. When were not so adventurous we’ll take him to PetSmart so he can pick out his own chewies.

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